Monday, 17 November 2014

What appliances do I have in my house?

I always get asked by my customers what appliances I have in my house.
Hopefully you will find this interesting and it will help you choose the correct cooker, washing machine or what ever appliance you may be thinking of replacing

At home I have got the Baumatic Rangecooker BC391.3TCSS (pictured)

I am one of  those annoying cooks who watches Jamie make a dish on the foodnetwork. Then I will go into kitchen and use every pan and roasting tray we own. I will use all five burners and the oven to finish the dish off- like they do on the telly!

I have got everything frying, grilling and baking all at the same time  This is all happening in "creative" atmosphere. Producing loads of mess and cooking aromas (burning smells!) , which we all know adds to the flavor.
However, unlike Jamie I do not have an army of minions to clean up after me so thank god for the dishwasher!

We have recently moved to our new house and there was a Bosch built in dishwasher,very similar to the one we stock SMV40T10GB. It has easy- to -stack shelves, even for the man of the house! I have constantly been advised by my wife, of my inability to stack the dishwasher properly. Perhaps dishwasher stacking can be the subject for my next blog entry!

Going back to cooking , my better half, (due her better cooking skills and logical approach to life) would of preferred a range cooker with a multiple cavities such as the Belling DB490DF.
This rangecooker is duel fuel (gas burners and electric ovens). It has five gas burners, two ovens and an oven/grill. In hind sight this would been better for sunday dinner, I would leave the meat roasting in a dedicated oven, the roast potatoes,veggies etc cooking in an other cavity. Also, there is room to keep the plates warm. All very civilized.

The other item I have recently starting stocking  in preparation Christmas is the Kenwood KN650, electric carving knife. This was purely an indulgence on my part. I have always wanted one myself. Hopefully there are other people like myself who think an electric carving knife an essential piece of kit!

Talking about essential, as a family we use the slow cooker almost every week, we have the crockpot SCV400PSS at home. This I would say makes someone who does not cook into a cook. The joy of plonking all the random stuff left over in your fridge and cooking it slowly for hours seems to work magic every time.

For those you who thinking of buying a slow cooker- here is my random stew:


  • Stewing steak or chicken thighs/legs
  • One onion
  • One carrot
  • Any other veg you have hanging about that looks a bit worse for wear 
  • Garlic
  • Dried herbs ( e,g oregano) 
  • A cup of beef/chicken stock
  • Tomato paste/ or you could use ketchup
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Chop up veggies
  2. Put everything together into the slow cooker
  3. Switch on slow cooker
  4. Come back from work and eat!!
Thanks for reading guys. Any if you are after some advice with regards to appliances please call us anytime on 0116 2666659 or visit our website

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