Saturday, 6 September 2014

Popular appliances

As many of our customers are aware, there is a huge amount of choice in the kitchen appliance market.
Online product reviews and consumer magazines such as Which? give valuable advice. However as a retailer, I find reading these product reviews does not always match up to what happens in our shop. Meaning, which products sell the most?

Do the cheap kitchen appliances sell more? Things are not always that straight forward.

If we take the example of the washing machine: 

Whilst cheap washing machines such as the White knight WM105V priced at £179 will always sell well because of the price point. I have noticed a trend that customers are willing to upgrade to more expensive models if the machine is more efficient and can  save them money. The Bosch WAQ28462GB is A+++ Energy rated  (30% cheaper to run than the white Knight) it also has a faster spin and a large  8kg load sells in equal volume to a cheaper models.

An other product area are cookers.

Cheap ovens such as the Newword NW601FSS always seem to be popular with landlords and home starters. But since the increase in popularity of baking due to the GBBO, the neff slide away door ovens such as B544M42N3GB seem to be increasing in popularity.

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